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6011 Shining Terra

A sparkling white backdrop with brown and beige flecks, make the Shinning Terra extremely valuable and sought-after. The milky white surface provides an affordable alternative to natural stone and its neutral canvas is ideal for a wide variety of design ideas. This stain and germ resistant quartz can be used throughout all kinds of properties adding elevated aesthetic values that are difficult to match. With little or maintenance required, the Shinning Terra can be used to create stunning countertops, walls, floors, etc.

1042 Crystal White

Crystal White Quartz is not just a thing of beauty it’s also stain-resitant and very durable. Soft white with shades of gray give it a classic look that gets better with time. With little maintenance worries, it is suitable for all kinds of residential as well as commercial spaces. Whether you want to use it for flooring or a simple kitchen countertop, the crystal white is sure to enhance your space. Its light and bright appearance makes it one of the most popular choices for kitchen renovations and new homes.

3006 Sea Salt

With small transparent flecks on a background of dazzling white, the Sea Salt Quartz adds the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen and bathroom, installations. A beautiful blank canvas leaves ample room for design variations and acts as a cheaper alternative to stone. The stain and germ-resistant quartz require no sealing, making it perfect for all kinds of commercial and residential installations like countertops, floors, etc. With the classic look, Sea Salt raises the bar for indoor aesthetics.

1101 Galaxy

Durable, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant and low-maintenance, Galaxy is perfect for both commercial and residential use. The elegant black sprinkled with small gold and white highlights add style and a touch of class and sophistication to your rooms and increase their appeal. Galaxy is known for its strength and this makes it perfect as backsplashes, accent walls, floors, and countertops. Its stain-less surface and extreme endurance makes it a top choice in kitchen, bathroom and entryway installations.