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6100 Super White

With a clear, solid white backdrop with no visible patterns, veins or speckles, the Super White Quartz offers a blank canvas for endless architectural design possibilities. The blank canvas adds brightness and sophistication to all kinds of surroundings and its stain-resistant, easy to clean nature make it perfect for busy rooms. Being low-maintenance and extremely durable makes the Super White ideal for floors, countertops, shower surrounds, accent walls and others.

6009 Sleek Concrete

Sleek Concrete provides a classic neutral solid deep gray background which mimics modern concrete but adds a touch of style to installations. Its polished finish enhances its colour and makes it an ideal pairing choice for quartz of various colour and texture. The Sleek Concrete’s smooth surface does not let moisture seep, which make it perfect for kitchen and bathroom installations as well as for floors and accent walls. If you are looking for a contemporary design with strength and durability, the Sleek Concrete is the best choice.

6008 Carbone

Add a touch of mystery to your household by incorporating the playful elegance of Carbone Quartz. From afar, it’s all black. But come a little closer and you can clearly see a variety of design. Its beautiful soft shades make it perfect for countertops. Its sophisticated colour make it very the perfect choice for backsplashes, accent walls and floors. Whether you want to upgrade your home or commercial space, adding Carbone ensures improved aesthetics and lasting installations.