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1101 Galaxy

Durable, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant and low-maintenance, Galaxy is perfect for both commercial and residential use. The elegant black sprinkled with small gold and white highlights add style and a touch of class and sophistication to your rooms and increase their appeal. Galaxy is known for its strength and this makes it perfect as backsplashes, accent walls, floors, and countertops. Its stain-less surface and extreme endurance makes it a top choice in kitchen, bathroom and entryway installations.

8017 Summer Night

With radiating highlights and sparkles on an elegant black background, the Summer Night Quartz is as beautiful and refreshing as its name. Popular among homeowners and designers looking to make a statement, this durable and stain-resistant quartz is the ideal choice for countertops, shower surrounds, etc. in all kinds of busy home and commercial properties. If you want to give your bathrooms and kitchens a touch of sophisticated uniqueness, Summer Night is the quartz for you.