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8720 Emperador Black

The beauty of Emperador Black is truly enchanting. Its deep black base serves as a canvas for the mesmerizing dance of golden veins that course through its surface with an electrifying intensity. Like bolts of lightning streaking across a midnight sky, these veins create a stunning contrast against the darkness, imbuing the stone with an aura of majestic elegance.

8300 Pitch Black Safari

Elegant black quartz with gorgeous white veins, the Pitch Black Safari exudes beauty and sophistications from all angles. This thing of beauty adds a touch of intrigue and class to all kinds of commercial and residential spaces. Dark and mysterious, the marble-look quartz can be used to create extraordinary quartz countertops, water islands, floors and accent walls.

8400 Subtle Marquina

Decorative thick veins on exquisite black quartz give the Subtle Marquina a look of top-quality black marble. Bold and sophisticated, the surface of the Subtle Marquina is matted which gives designers a whole new dimension to incorporate. This unique quartz is an ideal choice for innovative bar tops, countertops, islands and various other features in bustling homes and commercial spaces.

7500 Black Forest

The Black Forest quartz features a stunning black background with gorgeous white veining. Replicating the look of pure and authentic marble, the Black Forest brings about an elegance that remains unmatched. Its no-maintenance and easy to clean nature make it the perfect material for unique accent walls, kitchen islands and countertops.

6008 Carbone

Add a touch of mystery to your household by incorporating the playful elegance of Carbone Quartz. From afar, it’s all black. But come a little closer and you can clearly see a variety of design. Its beautiful soft shades make it perfect for countertops. Its sophisticated colour make it very the perfect choice for backsplashes, accent walls and floors. Whether you want to upgrade your home or commercial space, adding Carbone ensures improved aesthetics and lasting installations.

1101 Galaxy

Durable, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant and low-maintenance, Galaxy is perfect for both commercial and residential use. The elegant black sprinkled with small gold and white highlights add style and a touch of class and sophistication to your rooms and increase their appeal. Galaxy is known for its strength and this makes it perfect as backsplashes, accent walls, floors, and countertops. Its stain-less surface and extreme endurance makes it a top choice in kitchen, bathroom and entryway installations.